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employ anyone.
work anywhere.

We help global companies deal with payroll, taxes, visas, and immigration through our Employer of Record services.

I need compliance for
my employees abroad.

I want one global partner for
all my employees.

I want help with my remote

we are employ

We are a professional employer organization, providing Employer of Record (EOR) services for businesses worldwide and covering end-to-end PEO services for the remote workforce. We specialize in Outsourced Payroll Services, Remote Staffing, and Visa Services. Wherever your staff may be, we bring a centralized approach to HR management, Payroll & Benefits, and Legal Compliance.

grow your business globally

Most of the pre and post-sales support efforts happen on the ground. You are the expert in your area of business and have identified opportunities in different far-reaching regions of the world. It’s time to gain market share and expand internationally. Our Employer of Record services help you employ technical and expert personnel staff abroad that will unlock your global growth while staying 100% compliant with tax, HR, and government.

tap into global talent

Are you stopped in your tracks because of the scarcity of talent in your own town or country? It’s time to tap into the Asian, African, and Central European talent pool. Employ guides your access to far-flung globally. Get access to millions of experienced and trained talent across different industry verticals. Employ will take on employer compliance and payroll for your international workforce.

unified international expansion

Employ is your global partner on 5 continents to help you fast track and expand your business operations in multiple countries at once. Our Global Employer Solutions Services help you going through the hoops of visa and immigration, government compliance, tax, payroll, and HR. As Employ operates globally, you will be able to get all that important but scattered matters dealt with under one roof by one trusted partner.

grow at no cost

No need to set up a representative office and hire a lot of admin staff in the country where you have your staff.

time to market

We can start up your team in no time, submit your questions here, and we will get your remote team onboard.

local expertise

Juggle right away with the right employment concepts in a jungle of HR rules.


What you see is what your people get. Transparent reporting is our strength.


Find partners that have a proven track record in the area of HR and staffing.


You can always build, operate and transfer or withdraw your staff after a notice period.

what our global clients say

Employ helped us quickly get our employees up and running in a new market. The onboarding process was smooth and well organized.

Human Resources Manager, Major Humanitarian Organization

Getting resources through Employ has been simple and cost-efficient. Employ handles our team payroll and benefits so we can focus on our core business.

Chief Operations Officer, US Software Company

We have been using Employ services to bring an expat employee to the Philippines. Employ took care of the visa and all the housing aspects of this employee. We look forward to doing more business with Employ.

Vice President for Asia, European F&B Company