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Employ Everyone Everywhere.

we are employ

As a trusted global EOR partner, our mission is to facilitate safe, easy, and efficient Employer of Record solutions to businesses and staff. We take pride in helping our international clients achieve peace of mind while fulfilling our corporate social responsibility of providing fair employment practices to professionals around the world.

Simple EOR Solutions

we are simple

We focus on the essential and the useful, promoting ease and removing complexity

Compliant EOR Solutions

we are compliant

We protect employees and clients trust, improving the professional relationship

Stable EOR Solutions

we are stable

We espouse reliability and consistency to provide you peace of mind.

WFH, WFO, with us you can WFE. Enjoy the flexibility of having your teamwork from everywhere. In full compliance.

who we are

We help business owners and entrepreneurs expand their business internationally. For our stakeholders, we design safe, easy, and efficient global Employer of Record services. Our client’s satisfaction and peace of mind are what inspire us to provide outstanding opportunities, a compliant employment environment, and inspiring culture for their remote workforce all over the world.

Bryant Casiw

Legal Counsel

Our Legal Counsel Bryant has in-depth knowledge in specialized fields of law and is oriented towards bringing the best legal advice for your international business needs. His expertise includes banking, finance, and M&A at Baker&McKenzie, Accralaw, and Sycip & Co before opening his own practice in Global City, Philippines. Ask Bryant about the best setup for your international expansion in Asia.



Our CEO Iannis is a serial entrepreneur and a tech guru. His international background brought him from the shores of Brittany to San Francisco Valley, China, and even South America before landing in the heart of Southeast Asia. There Iannis realized the opportunity to offer secure, compliant, and tech-enabled employer services for global companies. Let him introduce you to our secure tech solutions.



Our CFO Ninoy Salmon has expertise in advisory services and end-to-end outsourced accounting, international payroll, and tax services. In addition, he can help you optimize the payroll flows to help you focus on growing your business and making your customers happy.

what we do

Our Employer of Record Services covers all aspects of legal employment, including:

  • Contract Staffing
  • HR Outsourcing & Onboarding
  • Employee Relations
  • Employment Recordkeeping, File Creation and Maintenance
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Private Medical Coverage (HMO)
  • Government Benefits & Claims Assistance
  • Social Security
  • Tax Identification
  • Government Medical Assistance
  • Housing Benefits
  • Government Compliance
  • Compliance Training
  • Taxation
  • Labor Relations
  • Immigration and Visa Services
  • Offboarding
  • Final Paycheck Compliance
  • Post Employment Relations

why choose us

The online onboarding process for new hires is the first step to build a solid and productive team. Our contributuin will help you become a stronger organization with higher retention rates. Our online on- and off-boarding process will create added value for your employees while maintaining your good reputation as an employer

Global EOR Partner – Timekeeping


Our timekeeping solution aims to manage the work time and attendance of your remote workforce. The efficiency of this system reduces the risk of errors and labor costs. We ensure that it’s always compliant with the laws of overtime work and other mandatory requirements.

Global EOR Partner – Leave Management

leave management

We understand that both employers and employees need their time off to rest once in a while. Our system handles all kinds of requests from sick leaves to vacation leaves in a cloud-based platform. It provides a seamless workflow from approval to updating the leave balances of your staff.

Global EOR Partner – Job Interview

job interview

Let’s position your company as a top employer. Our streamlined interview process helps you seek the best candidate in the global job market. It not only targets the best new hires but also selects the long-term future staff that chooses you as their employer of choice.

Global EOR Partner – Benefits

benefits overview

We make sure your remote workforce has all the benefits mandated by law, and even more for helping them perform better. We arrange for healthcare coverage, paid leaves, social contributions, life insurance, pension, etc. The welfare of your employees is on the top of our list.

Global EOR Partner – Policy

policies overview

Manners maketh man, but policies maketh an organization. It brings accountability, ethics, efficiency, and solidarity to your business. Our team will tailor-fit policies and procedures for your remote staff in line with your objectives in order to build a culture of accountability where employees understand their duties. 

Global EOR Partner – OnlineOn/Off boarding

online on/off boarding

The online onboarding process for new hires is the first step to build a solid and productive team. Our contribution will help you become a stronger organization with higher retention rates. Our online on- and off-boarding process will create added value for your employees while maintaining your good reputation as an employer.

Client Dashboard

team overview

time-in/out overview

attendance dashboard

billing dashboard

benefits with employ

Set up your teams responsibly and legally with minimal entry barriers in your staff’s base location, and reduce risk vs. direct employment. Upon signing with our Employer of Record services and choosing us as your global EOR partner, your team officially becomes Employ staff and can enjoy formal employment benefits and protection while retaining direct reporting lines and project accountability to you and your company.

For Your Existing Teams - Global EOR Partner

for your existing teams

For the Employer of Record of your existing team, we will collect the required documents and process them as employees of Employ. If needed, we will continue your previous arrangements for compensation and benefits. We will also facilitate the registration and transfer of documents to relevant government agencies. We will then manage the work-related processes on our Employ platform and track time-off, leaves, bonuses, and other features that you need.

Hiring New Employees With Employ As Your Global EOR Partner

for new employees

For the Employer of Record of new employees, we will facilitate onboarding and help you start in your new location without trouble. You can hire top-notch talents and create your team anywhere and with no barriers. We will fully process the paperwork and requirements and let you kick off your operations with your new team. Our HR will then manage the day-to-day admin interactions with your team while you can collaborate with your staff on your business objectives.

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