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Is Your Business Ready for the Work-from-Anywhere Setup?

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Employer Of Record

Today, many big corporations have declared plans to return to their physical office. But, on the other hand, some organizations believe that the work-from-anywhere (WFA) setup is the future.

Remote work has become the new normal for many global enterprises, allowing their employees to work wherever they are. While there are many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to the WFA setup. Let us review the advantages of working with a distributed team for your business and provide you with ways to hire international talents for your remote staff.

As Richard Branson said; Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. Hence, the most significant advantage of the WFA setup is centered on your employee’s well-being, operations, and income.


By using project management tools, it’s easier to collaborate with your remote workforce and get everyone on the same page. Employees who understand the organization’s mission and goals have a stronger connection and a sense of purpose at work. With cloud-based solutions that simplify everyday operations and facilitate communication, managing your distributed team has never been easier.

Less Commute Means More Productive

Working from home or a nearby satellite office reduces social distractions from your employees. It is said that WFH improves employees’ productivity by 25% with little to almost zero experience of rush hour traffic jams, early morning prep, and late-night stress during workdays. Furthermore, psychologists believe that spending time with family improves overall performance, motivation, and creativity.

A less stressed and more productive staff is definitely good for business. However, with a digital team, you will still need to set boundaries. And as a business leader, you can set expectations for work hours, projects, and meetings are essential so that your team will not go overboard. 

Cost-Effective Team Activities

With the WFA setup, your remote team will bond digitally. Hence, you’ll save on space rentals for parties and other social activities. But that does not mean you won’t need to develop your work culture. For example, you can allocate your space rental funds to quarterly meetups, team outings, or hosted strategic panels to be able to promote your company culture and foster team cooperation.

Hire Top Global Talents

In today’s business landscape, your business is not limited to hiring local talents. Having an open and global setup exposes you to the international job market. Hence, you will have more chances to hire top-notch professionals fit for your organization. Finally, a distributed team is more resilient to natural disasters, political instability, and other potential business external impediments.

There are several ways to hire international talents and build your remote team.

You can search through social media platforms and connect with worthwhile candidates. You can also search for job seekers on websites and talent networks. However, this route does not come easy, and you may encounter complexities. In addition, many companies who are willing to hire global talent may not be aware or are not prepared for the processes that go with it. Therefore, the least efficient way is to give the mission to headhunters and executive recruitment companies that will scout the market and give you a shortlist of talents based on your criteria.

Once you have your staff hired, the most effective way to keep your employees engaged is through Employer of Record (EOR) services. An EOR provider can facilitate all HR duties for your company at any location you prefer.

Employer of record companies offer to retain and build your global workforce. When you need to transfer your staff to other countries, you can keep your head free from cumbersome incorporation and legal setups, government statutory reports, payroll, tax and bank communications, and visa and immigration. In the end, your international payroll will be fully compliant and let you be sure that the compensation process is managed correctly for your remote team.

Having a distributed team setup enables your team to work from anywhere in today’s global economy. Discover more about EOR services and experience the advantages of the WFA setup. Get in touch with our EOR experts today to explore how this could work better for you.

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